Expand Your Company’s Snack Section To The Fridge!

Epic Bites delivers snacks to companies that invest in their employees! Our snacks cater to healthy lifestyles, dietary preferences, and food sensitivities.

Our bites are made fresh each week, and deliveries are customized based on individual company profile preferences.

We use the best ingredients and create healthy, flavorful dishes that will leave your employees feeling refreshed and satisfied.

How Does It Work?

1 - Set up your company’s account on EpicBites.com and specify your company’s flavor profile (gluten, dairy, vegetarian, etc.) under Account Details

2 - Determine the number of snacks your company would  like delivered on a weekly basis and place your order. Orders are set up on a weekly subscription service.

3 - Look forward to tasty snacks being delivered to your office at the beginning of the week!

Let's Get Started!

Our Snacks are individually portioned and cost $3.50/each. Here are a few of our favorites!


Sweet and Spicy Asian Chicken

Organic chicken breast sauteed in a sweet and spicy Asian style sauce with roasted bell peppers and broccoli over rice.

(gluten free & dairy free)


Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

Roasted cauliflower bites tossed in a tangy buffalo sauce. Served with a side of blue cheese crumbles.

(gluten free & vegetarian)


OKQ Bowl

Orange, kale, quinoa salad topped with sliced almonds and feta cheese. Served with a refreshing citrus mustard vinaigrette.

(gluten free & vegetarian)


Kalebanzo Salad

Kale, garbanzo beans and quinoa salad topped with pistachios and fresh herbs. Served with a Champagne vinaigrette.



Spinach Puff

Flakey, buttery puff pastry pockets with a savory spinach, onion, feta and garlic filling.



Chicken Sesa'meatballs

Tender organic chicken meatballs. Served with a sticky sesame and soy dipping sauce.

(gluten free & dairy free)

Contact Us

email:  info@epicbites.com     phone:  720-772-8757